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Thursday, 22 November 2012

A Fleeting Meeting! | Outfit

Hello my lovelies! This is what I wore to a job interview today. This is much more fun than anything that I would normally wear to a regular interview but it was more like a meeting to discuss the company's goals and if I'd be the right fit. It was with a very innovative and current media related company so I didn't want to wear anything too stuffy and conservative. It was fun to get to show my style, this is my ideal interview outfit; smart looking yet young, fun and stylish!

It think it went really well. I love that it was relaxed and not overly formal, it made it much easier to get my personality and work ethics across without being under pressure to think of fancy ways to word simple things.


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Happy Birthday Sis!

Happy Birthday to my baby sister!!! She turns 18 today, woohoo! I really can't believe that she's that old. It's only now as I'm writing this that it's really sinking in that she's actually an adult now. Scary! I'm only three and a half years older but she's always been "the little one" so it's really odd to think that she's an adult. We're all grown up! Must be a weird day for my parents too now that all their kids are officially adults! (I'm the oldest at twenty one and we also have a brother who's twenty). 

 Turning eighteen is such an exciting time for anyone I knew I had to get her something special. I think every girl deserves a bit of Tiffany jewellery and I'm glad that I can give her her first piece. I hope that she enjoys it and it's something she can look at fondly in 50 years time when we're old women and remember that I was a good big sister!

x Jade x 
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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Candy Nails! | Nails

Hey guys, since I've merged both of my blogs I'm going to bring some of the old posts over onto this one as I really like some of the pictures and think other people might too. Hope you enjoy! x

I just loooove these creamy candy colours! <3. After two failed attempts at more ambitious designs I finally settled on cute polka dots using these old colours that haven't received much love recently and I adore how they go together! I contemplated throwing a yellow and lime green in there too going for a brighter theme but I decided against it as these colours complement each other so well on their own. I got a lot of complements on them at work today so they seem to be a hit all around! I don't know why but these colours just remind me of candies and sweetness and everything girly and good in the world!

Pink OPI Shorts Story, Turquoise OPI No Room For The Blues, Purple OPI Grape Fit

The phone cover is from my accessory line Made by Jade. I sell personalised and custom made phone covers like this one all hand made by my mum and me! We're also about to launch charm bracelets, earrings, winter snow globes and other cute accessories! You can get one or just browse the pretty pictures here

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Pulled: Super Soft Ballet Flats | Fashion

I didn't meant to do these 'pulled' features back to back like this but I've suddenly realised that I have a lot of items in my wardrobe which I really love which I suppose means my intentions of creating a 'capsule' wardrobe are going well! Today I give you these ballet flats from New Look! 

They may not look like anything special but they feel amaaazing on.


Pulled: Siren Cardigans | Fashion

I've decided to start a new feature where I pull items from my wardrobe that I love and shout about them here. First up are these super cool cardigans by the brand Siren. I've had them for a couple of years now and I still think that they're gorgeous! 

It's really hard to capture the detail on camera but I've tried to get some close-ups below. 

Friday, 16 November 2012

Gifts from China! | Haul

My lovely lovely friend Teeon went to China recently and brought me back so many amazing goodies!! It was so unexpected and sweet of her and the things are so pretty I just had to share them with you guys.

Along the top there are some face masks which honestly come in such pretty packaging that I kind of don't want to open them! The two on the right are sooo cute and the scents sound delicious; Macaroon and Chocolate Truffle - yum.


Thursday, 15 November 2012

One s'more Two s'more Three s'more Four! | Food

I have been OBSESSED with making s'mores this month! I don't know where this sudden obsession has come from but they're just such oozy chocolatey yummy goodness! If you've never heard of them before they're toasted marshmallows and melted chocolate sandwiched between crackers and they are super delicious. Traditionally they're an American camping treat with the marshmallows being toasted on a stick over a campfire but since I don't do camping I've settled with sticking a fork in mine and heating them on the gas hob! The outside of the marshmallow goes crispy and when you bite into it the centre is gooey and warm. 

If you're planning a girl's night in these would make a really fun and easy dessert as you could just lay out a bunch of marshmallows, crackers and chocolate and have everyone make their own. Giggles are usually guaranteed as there's an art to toasting the marshmallows evenly without setting them alight! (So the supervision of a sober adult is definitely necessary!!!) I added some pink sprinkles to mine to make them pretty as well as delicious.

Quick tip: If you're a little lazy like me use Nutella or chocolate spread instead of waiting for the chocolate pieces to melt, it's much faster!

x Jade x
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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Just a Quick Update: Changes are Afoot!

Hi Guys! After some thinking I've decided that it might be easier for everyone if I put all of my posts on one blog... I love writing about a lot of things; fashion, makeup, food, travel... and I think rather than creating a zillion different blogs for each topic I'd rather have them all on one blog with different categories. That way I don't have a ridiculous amount of web addresses, emails etc. and people who are only interested in certain topics can just click the 'categories' tab on the right of my blog and read only the posts on that topic.

So for now I'll be posting about not only fashion but also the aforementioned subjects and more all on this blog - Jade With Envy. As for my current former beauty blog, I won't delete it yet just in case I change my mind again but I won't be posting on it for the time being.

I hope that this isn't annoying for anybody and suggestions in the comments are more than welcome but as it's a relatively new blog anyway and I don't have any followers I doubt it will be too much of a hassle!

x Jade x

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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Date Night Outfit | Outfit

After browsing some really cool blogs and tumblers this week like Kenza's and Allegra's I decided to get a little more adventurous so despite it being October I whipped out my D&G shorts and layered up with some tights and booties.

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