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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Happy Birthday Sis!

Happy Birthday to my baby sister!!! She turns 18 today, woohoo! I really can't believe that she's that old. It's only now as I'm writing this that it's really sinking in that she's actually an adult now. Scary! I'm only three and a half years older but she's always been "the little one" so it's really odd to think that she's an adult. We're all grown up! Must be a weird day for my parents too now that all their kids are officially adults! (I'm the oldest at twenty one and we also have a brother who's twenty). 

 Turning eighteen is such an exciting time for anyone I knew I had to get her something special. I think every girl deserves a bit of Tiffany jewellery and I'm glad that I can give her her first piece. I hope that she enjoys it and it's something she can look at fondly in 50 years time when we're old women and remember that I was a good big sister!

x Jade x 
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  1. Aww bless your little sister! I got tiffany for my 18th too haha xx

    1. So cute! Aww ya gotta love tiffany! xx


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