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Sunday, 27 January 2013

❤ Pumped up Purple! ❤

Hello guys! Since I've been filming more videos for my YouTube channel this year I've also been playing around with my makeup more and I'm loving discovering all of the fun colour combos that I didn't even know I had! Purples and blues are my favourite eyeshadow colours so I love how this look turned out. Maybe I'll do a tutorial on it?


Saturday, 26 January 2013

❤ Date night! Chiquitos and Django Unchained! ❤

Hello guys! Late post again, sorry! I'm trying to get into the habit of posting at a regular(ish) time every day without resorting to pre-timed posts but with work and university it's really difficult. I'll work on it!

On Friday night my boyfriend and I went out for dinner to Chiquitos. He'd actually chosen Nandos but as always there was a wait to get a table and we were mega hungry! We ended up going to Chiquitos instead and the food was okay... They've changed the menu and upped their prices to boot which was a bit of a bummer.

Recently we've been opting for the more casual restaurants like Nandos, Chiquitos and Frankie and Benny's rather than Italians since they're nearest to the car par in town - haha lazy! - but now I think about it it's never quite as good as I anticipate it to be. Afterwards I always think "oh next time I'll just cook at home and save myself the money - and the calories!" BUT sure enough by the next week I've forgotten that and all I can think about is going out for junk food. It's always nice to escape from our flat and chat over dinner in a nice restaurant atmosphere!

We had a Nachos sharer to start which was good but I was so hungry I forgot to take a photo of it - sorry! (P.S.  Dontcha hate how restaurants only every put the cheese on the top layer of Nachos so the ones underneath are dry! Layer your cheese people!!! Lol.)

For my main course I had the Pulled Pork Quesidilla - the filling in this is delicious, I definitely recommend it although they changed the bread and it isn't as good now in my opinion but ah well!

For dessert I had brownies and ice cream which was good. The portion was stingey but that was just as well considering how full I was by then!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

❤ Amped up Orange! ❤

Hello guys and dolls. This is the nail polish I'm rocking this week. It's called by L.A.Colours and it only cost £1 from a local beauty supply store. It's a great dupe for OPI's My Chihuahua Bites although I must admit it went on a little sheer but for the money I think these polishes are really great value if you're on a budget!

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cuckoo for Coats!

Hi Guys! Today I'm talking coats! As much as I love my fur coat from Quiz (which I showed in yesterday's outfit post) it's not the most versatile... It's mid length, cream in colour and made of faux fur so it looks great with leggings and boots but no so good with more casual items like my new converses. I love it as it's super warm but I've realised that I also need a causal winter coat/jacket that's equally as warm so I've been browsing the web in search of a new one. These are my favourites...

(Sorry the image quality isn't great, this was the best I could do)

❤ Video: Holiday Haul! B&BW, F21, VS & more! ❤

Hi Guys! As promised here is the haul video of the goodies I bought on holiday over Christmas. See yesterday's post here for photos! Don't forget to watch in HD and then head to my YouTube channel to click 'Like' and Subscribe to show your support!

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Monday, 21 January 2013

Outfit: Oh Snow Glam!

Hello Guys! I woke up on Friday morning afternoon to some snow and decided to make the most of it! It's also a great opportunity for me to show you the new top by Elle which I bought on holiday and my fur coat from Quiz which I've been eternally grateful for this winter. If you'd like to see what else I bought on holiday check out my YouTube holiday haul video but in the meantime here are the photos from the coldest photo session everrrrr!


Sunday, 20 January 2013

❤ Holiday Shopping Haul! ❤

Hello everyone! Here is a haul of exciting things I bought when I was on holiday in Oman over Christmas. I can't tell you how excited I was to find these stores, especially Bath and Body Works! I've filmed a video of this which I'll put up on my YouTube channel tomorrow but in the meantime here are pictures of the products, there's a lot more after the jump. This isn't everything I bought as I've given quite a few things away as gifts to my mum, sister and friend but I show some extras in the video which I filmed before I gave some gifts away so keep an eye out for that! 

I made use of those gems from my last haul video like I said I would! ;)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

❤ Girly Night In ❤

Hi Guys! I've been in a weird mood all day so I decided to console myself with a girly night in! Boyfriend's out so I've ordered a mound of Chinese food all to myself (yum!) and am going to watch The Hills from the beginning on Netflix and just relax with some rose and good old B&J as company! I desperately need to re-do my nails too so I've chosen this super bright neon pink to cheer me up. Whatever you're doing tonight I hope you're having fun! I'm off to stuff my face...! 

My favourites: Sweet and Sour Pork Hong Kong style, crispy squid, prawn fried rice, plain chow mein and mini rolls!

Friday, 18 January 2013

❤ Video: Bath Goodies & Decorations Haul! ❤

Video's up! I went into Wilkinsons and got more than a little carried away in their Christmas sale section lol... stocking up for next year! Check it out... And don't forget to watch in HD and then head over to my channel to click 'Like' and Subscribe when you're done!

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Monday, 14 January 2013

(Window) Shopping Up A Storm!

Hello Guys! I had a great day windows shopping and catching up with my friend Teeon on Saturday. We started of in Debenhams and tried on some party dresses for fun. We don't have anywhere fancy to go but sometimes it's just fun to imagine haha, we're such kids. I'd seen this gorgeous party dress at Quiz in Debenhams before and they had it so I tried it on. It was too big which is just as well as I'd probably have bought it if it fit and I really don't need another party dress right now.

We looked around H&M, Primark and some other places but nowhere had anything too exciting. We also checked out what was left of the Kardashian Kollection in Dorothy Perkins but nothing stood out to us. It was mostly dresses, cute enough but too dressy for most people's daywear in my opinion.

My 2013 YouTube Plans!

Hello guys, check out my latest video all about my plans for my YouTube channel xglitter3ugx in 2013, they'll be fashion tutorials, makeup tutorials, SFYS reviews, cooking videos,  LOTS of giveaways a more! Don't forget to click the thumbs up and go here to Subscribe to my Channel!

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Saturday, 12 January 2013

✭ Win a cute Bag!!! ✭ Follower Giveaway!

Hi Guys! If you didn't catch my last video I'm doing a whole bunch of giveaways for the holiday season and one of them is right here on this blog!

Mini chain strap bags are really stylish hence their popularity with these celebrities! They cute and feminine without being too bulky and the shoulder straps make them super convenient to use. Their super cute size makes them great to take out to run errands during the day or use them instead of a clutch and night and hand your hands free to party away! 


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Feeling Blue!

Hi Guys! So in-keeping with my New Year's resolution to keep my nails pretty and manicured here is the first colour of the year! It's Cyan Blue by Barry M. 


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Fake it 'til you make it?

Hello my pretties! Do you like my new pink background and banner picture? I fancied a change. Today I want to talk about something that sort of inspired the name for my blog 'Jade With Envy'. It's a play on words with the original phrase being 'green with envy' - incase you didn't know, my name is Jade and 'jade' is also a shade of green. But I named by blog this as I feel like I'm always drooling enviously over expensive magazine editorials of designer handbags, perfume and jewellery and also because on the rare occasion that I'm able to get my hands on some of these things, I think it's fun to share them on here - not to make people jealous but rather to share my experience the same way I live vicariously through other lucky girls on their blogs. But today, in a longer post than usual, I want to broach a rather controversial topic. Today I want to ask - How do you feel about 'fake' goods? I'm talking counterfeit products such as fake designer handbags, makeup and jewellery.

My Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 and Tiffany tag bracelet
(these ones are genuine but I did have fakes of each when I was in school)


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Pinking of you!

Hellooo Guys!!! Sorry I haven't posted yet this week. I had a brilliant agenda to post a lot more this year and I have sooo much I wanna film for YouTube and soooo many pretty things I'd like to share with you here but my camera broke over the holidays :( so I'm waiting to get a new one. Currys Digital keep messing me about but hopefully I should be getting a new one tomorrow. Fingers crossed for me! In the meantime I remembered that I have this video stored so here you go, a (very pink) ootd video! Don't forget to watch it in HD and Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos, it would mean the world to me!

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Thursday, 3 January 2013

I'm Back!!!

My first post of 2013! Happy NewYear everyone! For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter and didn't see my message you must have wondered why I dropped of the face of the earth after my first post the day I arrived in Oman... Unfortunately the wifi in the hotel was crap (although they of course insisted it was fine...). It disappeared on the second day and the internet connection on their PCs was really bad too so I couldn't upload at all I was there unfortunately so instead I will do a retro-spective mega-post now and include everything here. I'll also start uploading all the vlogs I took while I was there on my YouTube channel soon so make sure to go and subscribe to that! 

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