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Friday, 8 March 2013

Time to unwind... Seriously!!!!

Hello all, so after my very stressful day I decided to take the evening to relax and unwind Big Time! I've already posted here to show you guys how I like to unwind when I have some downtime but tonight I took it to the next level! This is what my evening looked like...
1-2. Chocolates and wine from my sweetheart dad! ♥ 3. My new Barry M nail polishes ♥ 4. A shower using my favourite honey body wash ♥  5. Burning my favourite Cinammon nut bread candle. ♥ The Hills! ♥ Chicken noodle soup, chicken, egg and rice ♥ Quality time with my lovely boyfriend ♥ Bedtime with a cute book!
I'm gonna get some shut-eye now! I'm planning on getting up early to go the gym before work but I never usually manage it so we shall see...

x Jade Mercedes Fraser x


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