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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Cake Baby!

Happy Mother's Day to any mummy readers! I spent today with my mum and dad at Spitalfields Market in London. I can't believe I've never been before, they go all the time and are always saying how  great it is so I'm glad that I finally made it.

I'm ashamed to say that I am that person who constantly talks about how I love to travel and explore new places, yet I live in one of the best cities in the world and I really barely know it at all.

Summer's Coming!!!

The weather in England was beauuuutiful today, 18C degrees!!! I went out without a coat for the first time in ages. Haha, I know some people a little closer to the equator must be rolling around laughing at the thought of me getting excited at 18 degrees but honestly, I can't tell you the last time I felt the sun on my skin and it was pretty damn good!

I went out to grab a drink and a bit to eat in the sunshine with my boyfriend and I decided to take some inspiration from the weather and wear some super brights. I've been waiting to try to style this neon pink skirt for ages since I got it in a sample sale a couple of months ago and I must say that I love it!! It's definitely a keeper. More outfit pictures after the jump.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Fluff Puff!

I am obsessed with our Fluff Puff phone charm! It's totally girly, fun and cute and makes my phone looks so much more interesting. I love how little things like this can lift my day. A great nail polish colour, a delicious smelling perfume, a cute phone accessory etc.

Our Fluff Puff phone charm which you can buy here
My mum (who runs our web-store with me ) said that I might have made this one a little too big but I say the bigger the better! ;). We can always make them smaller if people prefer, we're really flexible with our designs. It's important to us that people get exactly what they want.

 I just love how it looks dangling from my phone when I'm using it and it's super soft like a (not so) little pink bunny tail.

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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Black and Gold, Black and Gold, Black and Gold

Hello, hello! I thought I'd share my latest decor obsession with you - monochrome + gold = me, in love. White as a base is clean and fresh and really helps to open up a space and make it bigger. Black always adds a modern touch and then, hey presto, you can add any accent colour you want to finish it off. I personally love gold because it adds a luxe feel making a smaller space like a flat (apartment) feel that little bit more special. I've pulled my favourite monogold (as I'm calling it) spaces from my Pinterest boards to give you a little inspiration. Oggle them all after the jump.


It could only be Paris...

 As spoken by the wonderful Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina and I must say that I quite agree which is why, in three weeks today, I will be waking up in Paris on my 23rd birthday (yayayayayayay!!!!!). Details after the jump!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Wondrous Wall

There I was minding my own business, wandering aimlessly one lunch break when low and behold, should I stumble upon the most majestic of nail displays I've ever seen. A whole shelf of all sorts of paraphernalia (Get it? Sorry, couldn't resist.) from leather effect nail polish to multi-coloured nail caviar, falsies, stickers and even electronic tools. Once I'd scraped my jaw off the floor I just about got it together enough to take some pictures for you as evidence of this unbelievable find. Browse my top picks from the wondrous wall and find out just where this magical place is after the jump.


Saturday, 22 March 2014

Ooh La La!

 I love the whole underwear-as-outwear trend and my favourite kind right now is the lacy bra. Here are a few of my personal faves on the market right now...


Friday, 21 March 2014

All For Pho

Here's some lunchtime inspiration for you. I've discovered a new cuisine which I love - Vietnamese! It's becoming a close runner behind Japanese food as my favourite cuisine - I love love love it! Like most Far Eastern cuisines it has a great mix of healthy, light and fresh dishes like soups and salads but also some more indulgent dishes like tasty noodles and fried dishes for when you're feeling naughty :P.

Pho Xao wok fried noodles at Pho


Thursday, 20 March 2014

Oh so Chanel!

I am sooooo excited to share these with you!!!!! They're our Luxe Link bracelets from the accessories line that I own with my mother. Everything we do is handmade and of a super high quality. I got the idea for these bracelets when I was looking at a Chanel handbag strap. I've said before on my blog that think it's a rather crappy how we're made to lust over over-priced high fashion items that we could never afford so I wanted to give every girl the opportunity to have a little everyday luxury in their life. So I designed these bracelets as a nod to the beautiful handbags that we drool over on fashion blogs and Instagram and in shop windows but could maybe never dream of buying. This way we can all have a little bit of Chanel luxe on our arm!

Luxe Link Bracelets from Made by Jade
Blazer: Zara // Handbag: Chanel // Bracelet: Made by Jade

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Stop Being Afraid.

I love powerful quotes and affirmations. I'm always trawling Pinterest looking for cool quotes that I can add to my personal collection of life lessons that I all-to-often forget. I think that it's important that we constantly remind ourselves of these things, reasons to be happy, reasons to love ourselves, reason not to give up...
Here's my Pinterest board of other wise words and sayings that I love, some fun, some serious, some life-altering. I'm constantly adding to these so remember to follow my boards to get my latest pins!
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x Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Some Little Gems...

 I was in River Island recently and stumbled across lots of gems (quite literally) which I want to share with you. First, are these gorgeous embellished bags and purses.

Get this here
Get this here


Monday, 17 March 2014

Surprise Surprise!

Hello my lovely readers! I feel like these 'I'm back' posts are becoming a far-too-frequent occurrence on my blog and it's making me feel rather ashamed I have to say. I could waffle on about how I have a new strategic plan to get back to finally start daily posts on here but I am a strong believer in the notion that actions speak louder than words so I will choose to act instead.

I should say that I do have a very good excuse as to why I've ben gone for over a month now and I strongly hope that you'll agree. The big reason is… duh, duh, duhhhhhh!

Browse the full collation at

 We've been relaunching our accessorises line! Relaunching, revamping, revising…. We've given the website a facelift and added jewellery to the line something we (my dear mummy and I) have been wanting to do for a long time now and I am soooo glad that we did - I love it!!!

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