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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

London Fashion Week Street Style | YouTube

Now that all of the Fashion Week furore is over, let us not forget the fabulous ensembles that were witnessed during this oh-so-stylish of weeks! As a fashion obsessive myself, I personally loooove heading down to Somerset House during LFW to people-watch. The air is thick with a shared appreciation for all things 'fashionable' from covetable couture to the DIY daredevils and, as much as I want to kick them, I also can't help but admire those whose have clearly put so much effort into perfecting their 'I'm-not-posing' pose. Delicately leaned against a stone wall with an (undoubtedly cold by now) cup of Starbucks coffee, staring wistfully into the distance and pretending not to notice the hordes of wannabe photographers (myself included btw), pushing and shoving their way around said poser to get the perfect shot. Ah fashion week, how I missed you so...

This season, as I wasn't working there, I was able to take my Nikon and my fantastic videographer sister, Rhia, with me to capture all of the couture on camera for you in the form of a YouTube video. I hope you like it!


Monday, 30 March 2015

Barry M Gelly in Blueberry | Mani Monday

 Happy Mani Monday! If you need cheering up this Monday I highly recommend that you pop into your local Superdrug on your lunch break and treat yourself to Blueberry from Barry M's Gelish line. It's b-e-a-utiful and has certainly made my day! I'm in luuuurve with it.

Nails: Barry M Gelish in Blueberry | Bracelet: Made by Jade sold here

I'm not really one to match my nail polish to the season (I tend to just go with whatever mood I'm in on the day) but as spring is (finally) arriving and the trees have begun to bloom, it occurred to how great this shade is for this time of year.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

All About Aldo Shoes | Pay Day Picks

Hello! Yesterday I met my boyfriend in town for coffee and while I waited for him I decided to do some pre-Pay Day window shopping. Naturally I found myself wandering into the heel heaven that is Aldo. Actually this season it's heel heaven, flat heaven and everything-in-between heaven.


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

OOTD: Off to the Office | Outfits

Hi! Here's a comfortable outfit idea that's great for the office but can also take you through to after-work drinks if you wish. I'm really not into the whole shirt + pencil skirt office look as I find it way too stuffy. I'm lucky enough to work from home most days so I can wear whatever (Spongebob onesie anyone?) but on the days when I do need to go into an office for a client meeting I like to find ways around the traditional white collar look. 

More pictures and a breakdown after the jump -->> 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

OOTD: First Signs of Spring | Outfits

 Well I think those of us currently residing in the UK can all agree that this Saturday gone was rather glorious and so, where better to venture to take my outfit pictures than a pretty park?

Read on for lots more pictures and style tips -->> 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

DIY Millie's Cookie Style Giant Cookie | Recipe

Hello, hello, hello! So Thursday was my dear mother's birthday and to celebrate I decided to bake her this delicious GIANT Millie's Cookie instead of the traditional, run-of-the-mill birthday cake as you can also see me make in this YouTube vlog

Now before you start judging me for depriving mummy dearest of birthday cake on the one day when it is socially acceptable to be seen eating some (note to self: it is NOT okay to include a Sainsbury's Small Party Cake in weekly shop just because it looks pretty and you like cake), I'd like to point out that my mother, weird creature that she is, actually does not like cake. I know right, who doesn't like cake? Well I'll tell you who - my mum and I praise the lord daily that this apple not only fell far from that particular branch of the tree but also rolled down the hill and landed far, far away. In cake. Which I ate.

 Anyway, back to the story; since my mum doesn't like cake it was with great delight that a while back my siblings and I discovered that the magical place that is Millie's Cookies also makes giant celebration cookies on which they will write whichever lovely message you would like (err within reason - trust me I have tested them on this one). My purse was, however, a little less excited about this discovery since these cookies, whilst being undeniably delicious, are a tad, shall we say... 'spensy? My thrifty solution to this issue is of course to do it myself which is exactly what I did, and what I will be showing you how to do in this post. Let's get baking -->> 
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