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Saturday, 23 January 2016

SALE Shopping Haul

I've never really been one to indulge in the January sale shopping phenomenon. Mostly because a) Christmas usual renders me pitifully penniless meaning zero funds for shopping and b) the idea of trawling through chaotic rails of random rejects the shops couldn't shift, only to find the one wonderfully, gloriously beautiful thing there... and then to realise that it's five sizes too small *cue mini breakdown* has never really appealed to me...

However this year, on a particularly cold and frosty evening on my way home I found myself slipping into the side door of my local Debenhams just to see if they had anything good. Ha, 'just to see', as if any woman has ever entered any shop with the sole intention of simply looking and not purchasing something perfect should it come her way. Which is exactly what happened to me...

Monday, 18 January 2016

BUMP Roller Disco | Places to Go

When the weather gets cold and gloomy it can be tempting to hole up inside with a hot chocolate and a good book (okay who am I kidding? Trash tv…) and wait for warmer days.  As tempting as that often is, I’m a big believer in being as sociable as possible whatever the weather, so when we were invited to a roller disco in London’s Southbank on Saturday I put two jackets on and jumped at the chance!  

Info on roller discos near you when you click 'read more':

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Urban Office Outfit | OOTD

As promised - a new outfit of the day post! This is my ideal kind of work outfit for a laid back office but for those of you with stricter dress codes, just switch the trainers for heels or smart flats when you arrive et voila - office ready in a flash! 

As always, lots more photos when you click 'read more':

Friday, 15 January 2016

L'Oceanogràfic Valencia Oceanarium

Surprise! I was going to post this next week but realised I want to take prettier pictures of the baking recipe I had planned for today so instead you have…fish! Very pretty, cool fish though. In case you missed yesterday’s post, my younger sister and I had the pleasure of spending a long and sunny few days in Valencia recently and on her birthday we ventured to the awesome L'Oceanogràfic oceanarium where we spent the best part of a day gawping at all of the beautiful creatures.

Read on to disappear into a watery world of wonder and if you missed Part One of my Valencia travel diary then you can read that here.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Hola Valencia! Part 1

Soooo today's post is my somewhat long overdue post... (a 2015 mistake, don't judge!) about my trip to Valencia back in November. My younger sister was kind enough to ask me to go on a mini break with her to celebrate her 21st birthday and who am I to deprive her of my top-class company? So off we went for four nights in pretty Valencia. 

This is kind of a photo dump of the coolest things I saw on the trip and, as usual, I got a little snap happy so I'm gonna split this trip over a few posts so it doesn't take 1000 years to load / make your eyeballs hurt. Read on for Part One! 


Tuesday, 12 January 2016

2016 New Year's Resolutions

Winter Wonderland just a few week ago (why does Christmas have to be over? Whyyyyyyy!?!)

Happy 2016 people!!! Yes, this is my very first post of the year. I took some time out from, well, everything really to revaluate my work (and overall life) strategy. Well, the festivities are over (sad face but blog post about how we can combat that coming soon), the new year is well under way and I'm back and better than ever baby! Which brings me nicely onto my first resolution:

And, more importantly, to blog even better than I did last year. I'm, for the most part, quite happy with the blogging advancements I made last year - I got a sexy new blog design and went for quality over quantity which allowed me to up my photography game which I'm really proud of, but this year it's volume all the way! Not because I'm desperate to pump out content, but because I just have sooooo many ideas and I don't want to miss a single opportunity to share an outfit, makeup look, recipe, holiday or anything else with you guys right here.

My entire blog schedule for the whole of January and February is already full to the brim and, admittedly, my head hurts slightly at the thought of planning and executing all of the posts but I just can't not share them all - trust me I've opened my planner at least five times with the intention of deleting posts, only to end up just moving things around and ultimately adding more!! BUT it's all good. I'm actually super, SUPER excited to everything with you *insert wide, toothy grin emoji here* (I tried, blogger didn't like it) so watch this space - there will be LOTS more exciting content!!

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