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Monday, 25 July 2016

Rose Tinted Sunglasses | Outfit

It's no secret, I'm a golden girl. Silver may be cool yes but gold... Warm, rich and gorgeously glittering under the summer sun. Rose gold though, rose gold is magical in its own right. Not as bold as regular gold, but subtly striking instead. Cool and warm at the same time. Sassy in style statement yet still soft and feminine due to its pink accenting. 

When I saw that mirrored rose gold sunglasses were trending this summer I just new I had to get a pair. After a quick butchers on ASOS and other trendy sites at pairs for £30-100, I knew there was only one place that was going to be in my price bracket. Low and behold, pages and pages of glimmering mirrored rose gold sunglasses all at great prices.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Perfect Posh Picnic Food | Recipe

Now that we're fully into the swing of summer, I've been taking every opportunity to dine al fresco. Breakfasts on the balcony, lunch breaks and dinner dates on a picnic in the park... Any excuse so soak up some sunshine whilst I eat is ideal for me. Something I always used to struggle with though is what to pack for the perfect picnic.

A BLT and crisps can feel a little basic, especially when you're pretending you're on the beach in Barcelona not on a blanket in Buckinghamshire haha. For this reason, I've rustled up some quick, easy and healthy dishes that will add a touch of class to your summer picnic, even when you're pinching the pennies. 

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Upgrade Your Work Lunch: The New Sandwich, Soup & Salad

In an age when you're only ever a stone's throw away from a Pret, a Wagamamas or worse, the work canteen (you pretend you'll get the salad but you always end up going with the hot main), it can be increasingly difficult to stick to packed lunches for work. We know we can't afford to eat out so often, we know it's not healthy but sometimes the pull of a chicken katsu curry is hard to ignore when your other option is a soggy sandwich.

Luckily for us, I'm here to remind you that gone are the days when packed lunches meant rabbit food and carton soups. I've created a twist on the three packed lunch classics; sandwich, soup and salad with these quick and easy DIY dishes that'll save your wallet, your waistline and your willpower.

Monday, 11 July 2016

How to Style and Re-style Your Summer Occasion Dresses

The further into adulthood I venture, the more I find that my calendar is becoming increasingly packed with events. This means more socialising - yay! - but also more shopping for occasion outfits - boo! Trust me, serial shopping may sound like a 'yay', but it becomes a serious 'boo' after about the third bout of pre-pay day panic-fuelled sale shopping (cue the question, 'what kind of dress can I get for... zero pounds?'). None, the answer is no dresses.
Summer Occasion Styling - Spot the Difference! *Dress by TFNC from House of Fraser
Rather than crawl under my duvet and wait for summer to be over, I've mastered the art of working and re-working key pieces in my wardrobe so that they can be (gasp!) repeated (yes I said it) with little to no detection. Read on for a list of the little things that make a big difference.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

How to Save Money Part 2: Tracking Your Spending

Money, money, money. Difficult to come by yet so easy to lose! In Part 1 of this post I talked about how to set yourself a personal budget so that you know how much you should be spending and saving each month. In this part of the post I'll talk about the tips and tricks I use to make sure that I actually stick to that budget from tracking tips to finding delightful discounts!

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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

How to Save Money Part 1: Creating a Budget

Do you know how much money is in your current account right now? Not a ballpark gestimate but an actual figure down to the closest £10? Or exactly how much money you've spent this month even?
An example budget spread sheet - pretty in pink and everything! 

Nope? Well if you'd asked me a while back I couldn't either. It's amazing how many of us spend blindly, gritting our teeth as we tap in our pin code hoping to avoid a ground-swallow-me-up card 'DECLINED' moment. The closer to pay day it gets the more real that fear becomes... That dreaded feeling when you're finally forced to log into your online banking to pay a friend for Saturday night's Uber, half expecting to read the word 'Paha!' next to your current bank balance. It doesn't have to be this way... There is hope, it's called a budget. 
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