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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Instagram & Snapchat Lately...

Hellooo! Sorry it's been a bit quiet on here for the last week or so, my work as a freelancer has been super busy but I'm certainly not complaining! I really love working for myself on projects I'm passionate about. In the meantime, I have been checking in on Instragram and Snapchat with outfits, cheat day meals and little snippets from my day. Here's a little peek at what I've been posting. If you want to follow me, my username is @missjadefraser on everything - nice and easy!

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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Healthy Chocolate Chip Frozen Yoghurt | Recipe

What's better than double chocolate chip ice cream? Something that looks like chocolate chip ice cream, tastes like chocolate chip ice cream and yet contains wayyyy less fat than chocolate chip ice cream - woop woop! All the nice, much less naughty. Yes, cool, creamy and oh so chocolatey, this delicious DIY fro yo tastes so decadent you'd never guess it's a healthier alternative to shop bought chocolate ice cream. It actually tastes more chocolatey than chocolate ice cream I think. Probably because there's less yucky fat getting in the way of all that rich chocolatey flavour.
I totally dropped the fro yo out of the cone when getting this shot... See Twitter for the fail photo! 

Bring it to this summer's BBQs and picnics to show off to share with your friends (or keep it all to yourself - no judgement here trust me). Either way it's a winner s read on for the super easy 3 ingredient recipe... 
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