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Growing up I've always had an appreciation for stylish clothes, delicious food and exciting travel. Over the years I've learnt how to choose well when it comes to finding great brands that offer high quality at amazing prices. Now, as a 20-something freelancer living in London, I've made it my mission to find beautifully made products and incredible experiences that add a little sparkle to our lives without breaking the bank. 

Whilst it's fun to look at shiny red-soled shoes and £4,000 handbags on other blogs, most of us can't afford that stuff! Jade With Envy is a place where you'll come to find beautiful outfit inspiration that you can happily shop right off the page. Beauty looks that won't bankrupt you and amazing experiences that you can actually afford to go on. 

Living in style doesn't have to mean throwing thousands of pounds around. You can still live fabulously and make onlookers green with envy. It's not about where you shop it's about how you shop.

Between posts you can also find me on my YouTube channel and on Twitter, Instagram and all of the social media buttons on the right sidebar. I hope that you enjoy reading my blog and please remember to leave a comment letting me know which post you'd like to see next! 

I am PR friendly but will only share post about quality products or experiences which fit into my 'living stylishly for less ethos' so please bear this mind! If you'd like to get in touch feel free to email me at

Jade Mercedes Fraser x

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